Set up by two people in England, Seeking Freedom chronicles our journey towards independence from the rat race and the shackles of a 9-5 job. Throughout the site, we share the things that work for us and that we think might help you too.

The Three Steps to Financial Freedom

Why Seeking Freedom?

We spent a long time trying to choose a name for this website, and most of the good ideas we had were already taken. Then one night “Seeking Freedom” just came to us and we immediately knew that’s what we had to call the place that we share our journey towards independence.

To us, Seeking Freedom means ridding ourselves of the mundane expectations life puts on us. It’s not some new-age hippy stuff or us trying to go off-grid, we just decided we wanted more from life than spending 40 hours a week surrounded by blue carpet tiles, magnolia painted walls, and a laptop.

The Aim

Success is a journey, not a destination – Arthur Ashe

For us the Seeking is just as important as the Freedom. We want to enjoy our journey, savour the small steps we take each day, and occasionally look back to admire how far we’ve come.

But for every time we look backwards, we also spend time looking forwards, focusing on our goals – our freedom. To us, freedom is achieving these aims:

  • The freedom to decide when and where we work – not the complete freedom from work, just the ability to align our work with our values, interests and morals
  • The freedom to travel when and where we want – not being limited to statutory minimum holiday allowances and having to negotiate with Karen in the office as to when we can take time off
  • The freedom to learn – modern life can be time-consuming, we want to be able to dedicate time to learning new skills that interest us and can be beneficial in the future
  • The freedom to not live for the weekend – there are 7 days in a week, there’s nothing wrong with working on a Saturday if you enjoy it. We want to look forward to work just as much as we do other parts of our lives.
  • The freedom to be healthy – sitting all day behind a computer is not healthy for us. We want the freedom to schedule our lives in a way that is healthy, balancing our physical and mental health so we can live long, healthy, and happy lives

What Do We Write About on Seeking Freedom?

Seeking Freedom is our home for discussing the techniques we use to work towards our freedoms, whether it be tricks for saving money, tools for running a business, healthy recipes we enjoy, or books that we couldn’t put down.